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My live set from last weekend


Pop Mašina - Povratak zvezdama, 1973


Made in Serbia

Jan Nemecek - Kander (Piece of Shh remix) 

Trying out something new.


Jan Nemecek - Downburst

Free music is essentially that. There’s really no two ways about it. In many cases you get what you don’t pay for and although the recent bandcamp trend, especially in the field of Bass, has been on the rise, we’ve found that in most cases free music can tend to feel uninspired or rushed. This is not an issue when referencing the prolific Jan Nemecek. Expectations of his new release ‘All Things’ have been high, to say the least but on ‘All Things,’ Nemecek seems to find ways to actually surpass assumed standards. By keeping his production at a distance and allowing his arrangements to lay themselves out rather than cluster or stumble, Nemecek offers a refreshing take on the genre. Song’s on ‘All Things’ seem to remain as stories rather than just tropes of musical goodness. They play out not in front of the participant’s eyes, but amidst his or her ears (if that makes any sense). It’s a rather intelligent approach to something as, arguably, formulaic as a good percentage of modern bass music. Taking all of that under consideration, if nothing else, ‘All Things’ should be lauded as not only a thoughtful full length but also read as a substantial auditory novel. Download it at Nemecek’s site.